If you're looking to buy a VanMoof second-hand, it's important to know whether the bike was stolen or not. Our Support Team can check this out for you - as long as you get your hands on the unique frame number of the bike. This number is stamped on the bottom of the bike, between the pedals. Once you have this number, you can shoot our Support Team a message over the Live Chat on our Support page, so we can verify the frame number for you. 

Once you've made up your mind about buying a second-hand VanMoof, please keep in mind that the person selling the bike needs to remove their bike from their My VanMoof account. 

When the owner removes themselves, they will receive an email containing an attachment which they can then send to the new owner. The attachment contains a validation code for the new owner, so that they can register the bike again and transfer the ownership to the new owner.