When you ride a new bike for the first time, you're subjecting it to a kind of stress and wear that it's never experienced before. We set up every new VanMoof to make sure it's ready-to-ride, but it's normal for some parts to work a little loose as they get to know each other. To make sure you enjoy many years of super-smooth riding, we recommend having your new VanMoof (or any new bike) checked by a professional after three months, or 200km of riding. 

Our Bike Doctors will be happy to help with this. Here's what they'll do:

  • Tighten and lube the chain 
  • Adjust the brakes 
  • Align the wheels 
  • Check the gearing 
  • Retighten all bolts 
  • Lube the brake and shift cables 
  • Check the tire pressure