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Troubleshooting tool

In our troubleshooting tool is here to support you in self-servicing a problem with your bike. To get started, go to the ‘Bike doctor’ section in your My VanMoof account and click on the ‘Find a solution’ below the bike you’d like to troubleshoot. 

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Support Japan

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Monday:        closed 

Tue - Sun:     11:00pm - 7:00pm

Give us a call:   +81 03 6812 9650

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*We are currently experiencing a high volume of incoming requests, which is causing longer reply times (5-7 business days). 

The Tokyo brand store is open for test rides by appointment only. You can book your test ride


Mobile Bike Doctors 

We are currently trialing a new Bike Doctor Network in Amsterdam. If you live in these cities, you can request a Mobile Bike Doctor visit. Click here to book your Mobile Bike Doctor appointment.