We offer a free 14-day returns policy, because we believe the only way for you to really know if our bikes are right for you, is to ride them. No matter which VanMoof you buy, you'll have a full 14 days to get to know your new bike. Commute across town in rush-hour, take it for a long spin, ride it in the rain, and if you're not in love within the 14 days you can return it for a full refund.

Please be gentle with our bikes. As much as that we want you to have a proper experience and test ride, we do want to make you aware that we love our bikes and do not want to have anything happen to them during this time. It would be a pity if this beauty got scratches or dents and you not being able to return it to us at full value.

We recommend that you keep your original box as to simplify the process of returning the bike to us. If you need a box to ship your bike back to us, we'll provide you with one for €25 (Europe) & $99 (USA) .

Returning your bike is super-simple. Riders in Europe can use the online return form hereIf you’re in the US, get in touch by emailing usa@vanmoof.com and we’ll help start your return.