Congrats on your new VanMoof Electrified!

This short guide will have you set up and riding the future in just a few minutes. Have you downloaded the VanMoof app to your smartphone? Then we’re ready to get started. 

Step 1

Connect via our VanMoof App

Open the VanMoof app to create an account and register the bike (if you haven’t already). The app will automatically connect and guide you through setting your personal unlock code.

Step 2a 

Lock your bike

To lock your bike, gently kick the Stealth Lock button near the left rear dropout. This automatically arms the alarm and powers down the bike’s other functions

Tip: Before kicking the Stealth Lock, align the stripe on the chain-cover with one of the stripes on the rear hub. This ensures proper alignment of the locking pin with the lock ring.

Step 2b


When your phone is connected to your bike, press the unlock icon in the app or hold the left handlebar button to unlock your bike. You’ll hear a sound that indicates the bike is unlocked. 

If your phone isn’t connected, a long press on the left handlebar button will switch modes to let you enter your backup unlock code. 

You can then input your unlock code with the left handlebar button – if your code is 1-2-1, press the button once and wait for the confirmation beep, then press twice and wait for the confirmation beep, then press once and wait for the confirmation beep. Your bike is now unlocked. A 5-second timer will count down on the display. Within these five seconds, simply move your bike forwards or backwards to unlock it.


Step 3

Power Assist Level

When the bike isn’t moving, press and hold the Turbo Boost handlebar button to cycle through the power levels 0-4. Release the button on the desired level to confirm the selection. 

Step 4


Open the rubber cover and gently insert the charging plug in the charging port. Once it’s fully charged the LED on the charger will change from red to green. It should take about 4 hours to fully charge the battery.