Your brakes may make some noise on your first few rides – this is completely normal. The noise should disappear after you use your brakes more. It can take approximately 250 km (155 miles) of riding for them to quieten – braking firmly on your first rides will speed up this process. If your brakes are still noisy, they may need cleaning. 

If you notice any oil leaking from your brakes or brake cables, please visit a VanMoof Brand Store or your local bike shop.

How to clean and adjust your VanMoof S3 & X3 brakes

The video below will show you how to avoid that squeaky noise S3 brakes can make. You’ll also find step by step instructions below the video.


Prepare your tools and bike

  • Brake cleaner

  • A clean piece of cloth

  • Allen key #5

  • Carefully place your bike upside down

Cleaning your S3 brakes

  1. Grab a clean piece of cloth and spray some brake cleaner on it.

  2. While holding the cloth, pinch either side of the rotor and spin the front wheel so that the cloth cleans the rotor completely.

  3. Flip the cloth over to get a clean piece of the cloth and repeat the above process.

  4. Now that the rotor is clean you can adjust it.

Aligning your S3 brakes 

  1. Undo the caliper bolts (do not remove them, just undo them enough so that the caliper can easily move).

  2. Squeeze the brake lever (this will center the caliper), while squeezing the brake lever tighten the caliper bolt.

  3. Spin wheel to see if the brake caliper/pads aren't touching the disc.

How to clean and adjust your VanMoof S2 & X2 brakes

The video below will show you how to clean and adjust your brakes VanMoof S2 & X2 brakes.