After extensive testing, we know the issue can be triggered by inserting and removing the charging cable at an angle, with some force (such as if you forget to unplug before moving your bike). We’re reaching out to every S2 & X2 rider directly, asking them to check their charging ports to see if the central insulation cover is missing.

We will service any Electrified S2 or X2 affected by this issue, for free. All you need to do is take your bike into a VanMoof brand store, and the Bike Doctors will provide you with the needed fix. If you don’t live near a brand store, we’ll send you a simple fix which you can easily install at home.

For all newly ordered Electrified S2 or Xs, the fix will be included in your bike's shipping box and can be easily installed by you at home.

Please note – this issue only affects the Electrified S2 & X2. All other bikes are unaffected.