Yes, this is possible.

Just fill out the FiscFree form with the following information (depending what you'd like to order):

  • Brand: VanMoof
  • Type: VanMoof S3 or X3
  • Model year: 2020
  • Bicycle type: Electric bicycle
  • Model: Unisex
  • Color: Dark or Light
  • Frame size: 61 cm (S3), 59 cm (X3)
  • Number of gears: 4
  • Article number: VM01-200-EU for the S3 Dark,  VM01-201-EU for the S3 Light, VM01-210-EU for the X3 Dark or VM01-211-EU for the X3 Light
  • Price: €1998

FiscFree will set up your contract and make the order via VanMoof. The delivery time depends on the current delivery window as shown on our website. It's not possible to ship your bike earlier than this.

Once your order is confirmed with VanMoof, you'll receive a notification. You''ll also receive a Track & Trace link as soon as your bike ships.