This video will show you how to attach the rear wheel:

Find the steps below the video.

  1. Prepare your tools
    1. You will need the anti-theft nut wrench and nut tool from your VanMoof toolbox. You will also need a 2.5 and 4mm allen key.
  2. Attach the back wheel
    1. Before you attach the wheel, make sure it’s the right way round. The e-shifter should be on the drive side.
    2. Lower the wheel then attach the chain by lifting it over the sprocket. Then lower the wheel into the rear fork with the e-shifter facing upwards. Then rotate the e-shifter into position.
    3. The axle should sit all the way in the dropout and the brake disc should be aligned with the brake caliper pads.
  3. Secure the wheel
    1. Align the e-shifter with the hole in the frame.
    2. Place a non turn washer, then an anti theft nut on each side of the wheel.
    3. Firmly tighten the brake side first using the anti-theft wrench and nut tool then do the same on drive side.
    4. Check both sides of the rear fork dropout to see if the installation is correct, the anti-theft nut should sit in the center of the dropout.
  4. Connect the e-shifter
    1. Secure the e-shifter in place using 4mm allen key.
    2. Gently connect the e-shifter cable. Then tuck it into the frame as far as possible to take away the slack. Then re-insert the e-shifter cap
  5. Attach the chain tensioner
    1. Push the chain tensioner down so the holes are aligned, then secure it in place using a 4mm allen key.
    2. Slide the upper chain guard over the chain. Secure in place using 2.5mm allen key. S riders should use the top hole, x riders should use the next hole down.
  6. Test installation
    1. Press the reset button to wake the bike up. Make sure the bike is set to one of the power assist levels.  
    2. Spin the front wheel, then peddle by hand. The front wheel motor will engage and the wheel will continue to spin and you should hear the e-shifter changing gears as the speed increases. 

Now you’re ready to ride.