This video will show you how to pack the VanMoof S3 & X3 using the original box. You’ll also find step by step instruction below the video.

1.Secure your bike

  • Lift the front fork and place it in the front wheel stand.
  • Attach the yellow strap to the front fork and the front wheel stand.

2.Protect your bike

  • Cover the bike with the original protective packaging, cover the seat stays, chain stays, seat tube, bottom tube, and top tube. 
  • Secure them in place using the reusable cable ties. This is protects the bike from damage during transport.

3. Attach the front wheel to the frame

  • Attach the front wheel to the non drive side of the frame with the reusable cable ties. 
  • Make sure to fasten the ties tightly to protect the bike from damage during transport.
  • Place the hub protector onto the front wheel axle.

4. Pack your toolbox

  • Pack the following:
  • Pedals
  • Reflector accessories
  • Charger and toolbox

    Then insert the toolbox into the front wheel stand.

5. Put your bike in the box

  • Place the rear wheel into the rear wheelstand. Cover the handlebars with the handlebar wedge.
  • Slide the bike into the box.
  • Fold the two end tabs, then close the door.
  • Remove the back of the adhesive strip then seal the box.
  • Stick the shipping label onto the box.

Your bike is now ready to be returned.

For more help, please contact customer support.