The video below will show you how to prepare the VanMoof S3 & X3 for return. You’ll also find step by step instruction below the video. 

1.Prepare your tools

  • You will need Allen Key 3, 5 & 6 and the anti-theft nut wrench and nut tool from your VanMoof toolbox.

2. Prepare the bike

  • Start by turning the bike off by holding the left handlebar button.
  • Make sure the Kick Lock is unlocked.
  • Carefully place the bike upside down.

3. Deflate the rear tire

  • Remove the valve cap from the rear tire, use Allen key 3 to press the centre of the valve to deflate the tire. 
  • Reinsert the cap once the tire is deflated.

4. Remove the pedals

  • Unscrew the left pedal from the crank clockwise with Allen key 6.
  • Unscrew the right pedal anticlockwise with Allen key 6.

5. Disconnect the motor cable

  • Remove the two bolts from the motor cable cover using Allen Key #3.
  • Remove the cover.
  • Gently pull the motor cable out of the front fork and disconnect it.

6. Remove the front wheel

  • Loosen the two anti-theft wheel nuts and washers from both sides of the axle using the anti-theft wrench and nut tool.
  • Leave the wheel nuts and washers on the axle.
  • Lift the wheel out of the front fork and set it aside – It’s important not to squeeze the brakes while the wheel is removed.
  • Insert the brake caliper protector into the brake caliper

7. Rotate the handlebar

  • Carefully flip the bike the right way up.
  • Loosen the two stem bolts using Allen key 5, then rotate the handlebar 90 degrees so it’s in 
  • line with the frame of the bike.

8. Pack your tools

  • Pack all the tools, bolts, and motor cable cover into the toolbox.

Your bike is now ready to be re-boxed using the original box.

For more help, contact customer support