Easy, go to your My VanMoof account and copy the code from the ‘Rewards’ section and start sharing! 

Play by the rules when it comes to sharing

We made our referral program to thank our riders for sharing their VanMoof excitement and experiences with friends and family. Any commercializing, advertising, posting referral codes on coupon websites, spamming, paying for codes to be used, etc. will result in your referral code being deactivated and rewards withheld.


  • Your own Youtube channel
  • Social media sharing (not ads)
  • Informational or fan websites


  • Advertising
  • Spam
  • Coupon websites
  • Anything annoying or misleading
  • Online marketplace listings (eBay, Marketplaats, etc.) 
  • VanMoof's social media posts/ads (e.g. ‘use my code’ comments)