The stackable credits are part of the VanMoof Rider Referrals program. Each rider has a personal referral code that can be shared with friends, family – you name it. Each time your personal referral code is used, the new riders will be given €100 to spend on accessories or Peace of Mind coverage, and you’ll get €100 stackable credit in return. You can stack as many credits as you like, but keep in mind they expire after two years.  

Credits from referral codes

Using your credit

Redeeming credits to a voucher

Credits from referral codes

Credits awarded for a referral are ‘pending’ until your friend’s order is delivered in full and their returns period has passed. When this happens, your credits will be unlocked – we’ll send you an email to let you know.

If you believe you should have credit but haven’t received any emails from us, please get in touch. Have your friend’s order number handy so we can look into what happened. If your friend forgot to use your referral code, unfortunately we’re not able to add this later. 

Referral codes can't be applied to existing orders. 

Using your credit

You can use your VanMoof credit in our online [store] or at a VanMoof brand store. 

Your credit can be used for a whole order or discount on:

  • a new VanMoof e-bike (not applicable on the VanMoof V) 

  • Accessories

  • Peace of Mind coverage (please note, you can only add Peace of Mind coverage to a bike before it’s delivered. If your bike has already been delivered, you will not be able to add Peace of Mind coverage) 

  • VanMoof outlet orders

Your credit cannot be used for:

  • Bike Doctor repairs

  • Shipping costs

Redeeming credits to a voucher

You can redeem your credits as a voucher in your My Vanmoof account. The voucher can be used to spend on anything in our online store or at a VanMoof brand store. Add your voucher code during check-out or share your voucher code when placing your order in a VanMoof brand store. Keep in mind that this isn’t reversible – vouchers can’t be turned back into credits. 

Only one voucher can be used at the checkout. Any difference in the balance cannot be refunded and cannot be used in another order.

You will receive €100 worth of credit every time your referral code is used to buy a VanMoof S3 or X3. You can then choose to claim the €100 as a voucher OR save the credits, refer more people, and redeem your credit to a higher value voucher in the future.

If you want to redeem your VanMoof credit, you’ll need to redeem all of it in the one voucher. Please note that a voucher can only be used in a single transaction – any remaining balance will not be refunded or returned. 

Credits can only be converted into vouchers, not cash.