These simple tips will keep your VanMoof riding happier, so you can enjoy many more years of smooth riding.

Pump your tires

You’ll be 15% more energy efficient by keeping your tires inflated at 3 bar (35 Psi). We recommend a tire inflation pressure of 2.5 - 5 bar / 35-70 Psi. A higher pressure will give less rolling resistance and a better puncture protection, while a lower pressure can be more comfortable.

Lubricate your chain

For best performance, apply a little lubricant to your chain every few months to keep it running smoothly. You can do this by inserting the lubricant in the top or bottom hole of the chain cover – these are located near the pedals. More instructions can be found here.


Clean your VanMoof frame using water and some gentle dish soap. We don’t recommend using pressure washers as this can damage the internal electronics.


Learn all about how to charge your e-bike and battery care here