The PowerBank is considered dangerous goods and therefore comes with strict return instructions. In some regions this may mean it’s not possible to return your PowerBank. Find out which policy applies to your region below.

United States and Japan

In the United States and Japan, the PowerBank can’t be returned. The rules and regulations around safely shipping dangerous goods as a consumer in the United States and Japan are strict and therefore we're not able to accept returns of the PowerBank. We’ll always assist you if your PowerBank requires some care under warranty, but unfortunately we’re not able to provide you with a return option.

The Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France

You can return your PowerBank within our 14-day return policy. When shipping your PowerBank for return, please follow our packing instructions below. The PowerBank is considered dangerous goods and packages that aren’t packed correctly might get refused for shipment.

How to return your PowerBank

Please follow the instructions in the video or in the steps below to make sure your package isn’t refused for shipment. Only use the original packaging for the return shipment. If you don’t have the box anymore, please reach out to our Customer Support team. 

What you’ll need:

  • Original PowerBank packaging

  • 2.5 mm allen key 

Step 1. Remove the PowerBank and Lock Dock from your bike.

  • Unlock the PowerBank with your key and gently take off the PowerBank
  • Remove the four screws from the top plate of the Lock Dock with allen key #2.5.

  • Remove the top plate and then remove the bottom part.
  • Place the top plate on the bottom part and screw the four screws back in place


Step 2. Secure the PowerBank cable

  • Secure the PowerBank cable by tucking it in between the straps.


Step 3Wrap the Lock Dock and PowerBank

  •  Use the protective paper to wrap the PowerBank, Lock Dock, and keys. 
  •  Put the tool and PowerBank key in the small brown bag, place the bag inside the Lock dock.
  •  Wrap the Lock Dock in the protective paper and secure it with tape.

Step 4. Place the PowerBank and Lock Dock in the box

  • Place the PowerBank and Lock Dock in the designated compartment in the cardboard box. Make sure it’s in place so it can’t move freely in the box. 

Packages with moving items might be refused for shipment as it could lead to a hazard if the battery gets damaged.

Step 5. Close the box

  • Put the cardboard cover and the PowerBank instruction manual back in place.  
  • Close the box by slotting in the cardboard flap. Secure it tightly in place with  some tape.


Step 6. Check warning labels

  • Make sure the stickers on the box are not badly damaged.
  • Remove the old shipping labels carefully without damaging the stickers. 
    Please reach out to our Customer Support team if the stickers are damaged as return shipments without clearly visible stickers might be refused for shipment.

Step 7. Ship the box

  • Ship the box as per instructions of the selected shipping partner. Don’t cover the stickers with a shipping label.