After you’ve paid your reservation amount there are a few important things to be aware of:

  1. You’ll receive a reservation confirmation via email. In this email, you'll find a VanMoof V access code to share with a friend of your choice so they so they can also make a reservation.
  2. When the VanMoof V is ready for delivery, you’ll receive an invite via email to complete your final payment. The reservation amount will be deducted from the expected retail price.
  3. The first riders to reserve the VanMoof V will be the first to receive the invite to finalize their payment. We'll divide reservations into batches, and each batch will get enough time to complete their order before we invite the next batch.
  4. Once you have received your invitation to complete your payment, your reservation is valid for a further six months. After the six months have passed, you'll no longer be able to buy a bike under this reservation and your reservation fee will be fully refunded.

In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated on new bike specs, the expected delivery date, and more. So stay tuned!