Returning a bike, part, or accessory within the EU? Depending on the item you’re returning, please refer to the correct instructions below.

Returning your bike:

  1. Make sure to safely pack the bike. If you need help, we’ve created some instructions here.
  2. Print the return label and place it over the old shipping label on the outside of the packaging. Please make sure to remove any previous labels that are visible.
  3. You'll then need to schedule a pick-up appointment via our shipping partner UPS here. If you need help, check the PDF attached.

Returning bike parts or accessories:

  1. Make sure to safely pack the item you wish to return. If you still have the protective material it arrived in you can reuse it. Please note that the PowerBank comes with stricter return instructions.
  2. If you received a return label in your package, place it clearly on the box and make sure there aren’t any other labels that remain visible on the box. 

If you received a return label via email, bring the return label with you on your phone to scan it at the UPS drop-off point.

  1. Take the package to your nearest UPS drop-off point. You can find your nearest location by scanning the QR code that came with your original delivery or go to