The video below will show you how to correctly repack your VanMoof S3 or X3 in the return box. You’ll also find step by step instructions below the video. 

What you’ll need
The only materials you’ll need to get yourself is Masking tape and Duct tape. Below you can find the other materials that can be requested with your return or found in your ToolBox.  

Shipped upon request

  • The Return Box 
  • Inside protection 
  • Tie wraps
  • Protection material 

From your VanMoof Toolbox 

  • Allen Key #3
  • Allen Key #5
  • Allen Key #6
  • Anti-theft Nut Wrench + Nut Tool

Prepare your bike for return

  1. Turn off your bike and make sure the kick lock is unlocked.

  2. Make sure to turn off the alarm in your App.

  3. If you have ‘Find My’ connected, remove your bike from your account. 

  4. Untighten the pedals using Allen key # 6 and remove them by hand.

  5. Remove any additional accessories (bags, powerbank and powerbank holder, racks, phone holder, etc.). VanMoof is not accountable for any missing items that are returned with the bike.

  6. Lower the saddle all the way down and tighten the seat clamp.

  7. Carefully turn your bike upside down.

  8. Remove the valve cap from the rear tire and press into the center of the valve using Allen Key #3 to deflate the tire.

Packing your bike in the box

  1. Add the protection material on the downtube, the toptube and the Seattube and use some (mask) tape to secure it in place.

  2. Add the protection material on the Seatstays and the Chainstays  (mask) tape to secure it in place.

  3. Align Lock-Disc so that the kick lock can’t engage.

  4. Lightly squeeze the rear brake lever and secure it to the handlebar with a tie wrap. Just tight enough to keep the wheel from moving - this prevents the kick lock from locking.

  5. Undo the handlebar screws but don’t take them out completely. Now rotate the handlebar with rear brake lever towards saddle. Make sure it’s not touching the toptube. 

  6. Lightly squeeze the other brake lever and secure it to the handlebar with a tie wrap.

  7. If your bike has two spacers installed you need to remove the spacers for your bike to fit in the box. 

  8. If you’re also returning accessories, repack (and ship) these separately 
    Note If you’re shipping your bike for a repair, make sure to remove any personal accessories. 

Pack your toolbox

  • Put the charger in the toolbox

  • Place the pedals and tools back in the Toolbox

  • Accessories; pump and reflectors 

Prepare the box and pack your bike

  1. Prepare Box

    • Fold the box.

    • Fold in the inside protection, to be placed in front and rear end of the box.

    • Tape the bottom generously with duct tape. 

  1. Carefully lift the bike and put it in the box, add the toolbox.

  2. Close and secure the box with tape and add the return label.