Frequently asked questions
  • How to assemble your S5 & A5
    So, you’re new S5 or A5 bike has arrived! We can’t wait for you to hit the road, we bet you can’t either. But before rushing into setting up your bike, plea... Read more
  • Registering your S5 & A5
    So, your new VanMoof S5 or A5 has arrived! Here we’ll help you register your bike and solve any issues you might come across when you first set up your bike... Read more
  • Locking and unlocking your S5 & A5
    Locking your bike Here’s how easy it is to lock your bike: Align the stripes: Make sure a white stripe on the chain guard is aligned with one of the str... Read more
  • Gears on your S5 & A5
    Your bike uses a 3-gear E-Shifter to automatically shift gears at pre-set moments. Simply choose a gear setting that suits your typical ride or pedal speed.... Read more
  • Halo Rings and buttons on your S5 & A5
    The most important things you need to know about your bike are integrated into your handlebar. The bike buttons help your ride, while the Halo Ring interfac... Read more