Important note: We advise this accessory to be mounted by a Bike Mechanic due to the possibility of damaging the bike’s wiring. You can make an appointment at one of our service locations here.

Please read these instructions carefully and only proceed with the installation if you have the right technical knowledge. You can find a PDF version of the manual below.

In the box

  • A5 Heavy Duty Rear Rack
  • Hex head screws (12 mm / x2) + Washers (x2)
  • Socket head screws (16 mm / x2)
  • T10 screws (Black / x2, Silver / x2)
  • Allen key №4 
  • Torx key №10
  • Wrench (8 mm) 
  • Velcro strap A
  • Velcro strap B
  • Zip tie


Step 1. Make sure the rack stays (A) are positioned on the inside of the rear dropouts (B), and loosely screw the two socket head screws with your hands to hold the rack in place. 

Step 2. Screw the two washers and hex head screws with your hands and tighten using the wrench. 

Step 3. Tighten the two socket head screws using Allen key №4. 

Note: Make sure all screws are tightened properly. The recommended torque is 4Nm.

Connecting the light:

Note: Make sure your bike is turned off by pressing the power button under the top tube.

Step 4. Use the Torx key to remove unscrew the front two silver screws (A) and the rear two black screws (B) under the top tube. 

Don’t remove the two silver screws located completely at the rear of the tube (C).

Step 5. Gently push on the top of the main cartridge and partially wriggle it out.

Note: Don’t completely remove the main cartridge, you only need to access wire at the rear.

Step 6. Route the electrical cable through Velcro strap A, then install the strap to the seat tube. Route the electrical cable through its designated hole in the top tube. 

Step 7. Add the zip tie onto the connector of the electrical cable and then cut off the excess.

Make sure the arrows on the connectors are aligned and gently plug them together.

Step 8. Pull the wire down through the hole (A). 

Gently push the main cartridge back into the top tube (B). Use the newly provided screws to secure it. Don’t use the original screws.

Step 9. Push the wire back into the hole (A).

Use Velcro strap B to fix the loose section of wire between the seat tube and the rack to the seat stay (B).

Note: Make sure all screws are tightened properly. The recommended torque is 0.5Nm.


The rear rack is compatible with 24 x 2.0 (52/507) wheel size and tires. Compatible with VanMoof Small Pannier Bag.