If you’re not feeling any motor support during your ride, please check the following: 

  1. Have you set your Power Level to ‘0’?

Check the app to see which Power Level you are on. Power Level ‘0’ will not give you motor support during your ride. You can change the level in the app or by using the right secondary button on your handlebar.

  1. Is your bike charging correctly?

If not, please check that the bike charger shows a red light during charging and a green light when the bike has finished charging. 

  1. Is your battery percentage above 20%? 

Your motor support can feel less powerful when the battery drops below 20%, this is to preserve the remaining battery.

  1. Is the outside temperature below -20 celsius? 

This temperature may be too cold for your motor to function.

  1. Just unboxed your bike? 

Please check if your motor cable is fitted according to the instruction in your manual. 

If you’re still experiencing issues, please reach out via chat or book an appointment.