Please make sure that you’re locking and unlocking your bike correctly as explained here. If the problem is still continuing check the following:

Kicklock not locking?

If your Kicklock doesn’t lock, your bike turns back on after locking, or your Kicklock only gives a click sound but doesn't lock, your kicklock might be broken. Please book an appointment to replace your kick-lock.

Kicklock not unlocking?

Try these before booking an appointment:

  • Unlock using the app. If that didn't work, reset the bike by holding down the power button, turning it on, and trying to unlock it with the app again.

  • Maybe you moved the bike while the unlocking procedure was running. Please re-align the Kicklock lines on the back wheel and try again.

  • Are your Halo rings red? Your battery might be too drained, charge your battery for a couple of hours and try again. 

  • Is your app responding like normal, but your bike doesn’t give the expected behaviour? Plug in the charger for at least 30 minutes and try again. Your bike battery might be too empty to unlock.

If you’re still experiencing issues, please reach out via chat or book an appointment.