The S5 & A5 charger is an intelligent charger. Are you experiencing charging issues? Please check below to see if we can answer your questions.

The bike not turning on

  1. Press the power button under the top tube once to try to turn it on. 

  2. If it’s below 5 degrees you’ll need to warm up your bike inside for 5 hours to get it to room temperature. Then plug in the charger and charge the bike for 30 minutes and try turning it on.

  3. If the above isn’t working, try to turn on the bike by pressing the power button for 10 seconds.

  • If it turns on you can plug in the charger, charge to full battery, and then update the latest firmware in the app.

  • If it doesn’t turn on, please contact us via chat or book an appointment 

The bike not charging or the battery is draining fast

Please keep in mind, your bike might not charge if:

  • The outside temperature is below 5 degrees.

  • Your bike is in shipping mode. To get your bike out of shipping mode, insert the charger and press the power button under the top tube.

  • Your battery is too empty. Your bike will be in ‘slow charge mode’ for the first 30 minutes, and the battery LED light will be green during this time. It will change to red while charging normally and then green again when fully charged.


If you’re still experiencing issues, please reach out via chat or book an appointment.