Q: Will VanMoof continue to exist? What does the future look like for VanMoof?

A: Yes, VanMoof will continue to exist. There is an exciting path ahead for the brand, and we are currently restructuring VanMoof to make it fit for the future. 

By tapping into the synergies between McLaren Applied, LAVOIE and VanMoof, we believe we’ll be able to create a world-leading micromobility brand that operates at the cutting edge of design, engineering, and innovation.

Read more about us and our vision for VanMoof here.

Q: What is LAVOIE and McLaren Applied’s vision for VanMoof?

A: This new chapter of VanMoof is founded on three guiding principles. Going forward, any and all decisions we make will originate in one of the following commitments: 

  1. Keep riders on the road
    We want to make it easy for VanMoof riders to enjoy their bikes at all times. We’ll do this by building a platform to make parts widely available and giving more third parties access to the technical know-how. The end-game? Any qualified bike shop in the world will be able to service your VanMoof bike.

  1. Stay true to VanMoof’s innovative spirit
    The production and sales of a selection of VanMoof’s current models will recommence soon. Simultaneously, our R&D teams will work on groundbreaking new products.

  2. Deliver on reliability and communicate transparently
    We’ll rebuild the supply chain and redesign and improve parts to make current models more robust and easier to fix. Our new products will be best in class and built to last. We’ll be open and transparent with you about our progress, and keep you in the loop with regular updates.

Q: I ordered a bike before VanMoof was taken over by McLaren Applied. When will it be delivered/when will I receive a refund?

A: The order you placed was with a company (the ‘old’ VanMoof) that unfortunately has since been declared bankrupt. The ‘new’ VanMoof is a different company that doesn’t have access to the funds that were paid or the bikes that were promised. For this reason, you have a claim towards the old entity and are a debtor in the bankruptcy.

We sincerely hope that you get refunded by the trustees of the bankruptcy in the future. If you used a credit card or a payment service like PayPal you may be eligible for a refund through them – please check with these companies directly.

Q: Is my VanMoof’s warranty and/or ‘Peace of Mind’ services still valid?

A: The 'Peace of Mind' services and the warranty were put in place by the ‘old’ VanMoof and are therefore no longer valid due to the bankruptcy of the company. In order to build a sustainable business that allows us to keep riders on the road, we’re moving to a new model for bike maintenance, which you can learn more about below.

Q: How will I be able to get my bike fixed?

A: Rather than booking a bike repair directly with VanMoof, we’re now outsourcing bike maintenance and servicing to specialised shops and repair centres. We’re building a continuously expanding partner network across cities worldwide so you can get help quickly and easily. All repairs and servicing should now be booked directly with a VanMoof partner. 

We’ll deliver a constant supply of spare parts to our partner network, charging cost price plus an operating fee in an effort to keep all legacy parts as affordable as possible. Our partners will use the parts to carry out servicing and repairs on VanMoof bikes. 

As part of the restart, we’re dedicating significant resources to enhancing parts for the VanMoof S3 & X3, making them more robust and easier to fix. We’re also creating the tech infrastructure (apps, knowledge base, and a dedicated Support team for example) to allow our partners to help you in the smoothest and most efficient way possible.

Q: When can I get my bike fixed?

A: We fulfilled the first orders of spare parts from our partners in early January. We’re ramping up the production of spare parts and adding more partners to our network in more markets, which means you’ll be able to get your bike fixed at a partner location very soon. We’re aiming to have a service network of over 60 partners up and running by mid-February across the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and France. More markets will follow suit. 

Q: I would like to purchase a bike. When and how will this be possible? 

A: Our VanMoof partner network will include shops that can both repair and sell VanMoof products. By mid-February, over 60 stores will be up and running throughout the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and soon France, with more locations and markets following suit. We’re working on a store locator page for our website and in our app so you can find partners that sell our products near you. Eventually, we’ll sell our products from our website again, too.

Q: I would like to order spare parts for my legacy VanMoof bike. Where is this possible?
A: Only VanMoof partners will be able to buy spare parts, so you can order the parts you need directly through them. Repairs should be done by partners as they have the proper training and tools to diagnose problems and fix bikes in a safe and constructive manner. Please note that we’ll provide spare parts for the VanMoof S3 & X3 models as well as the S5 and A5.

Q: What about my VanMoof Plus Subscription?
A: Please be informed that your VanMoof Plus subscription was with the ‘old’ VanMoof company, which has been declared bankrupt. Therefore, we kindly refer you to the trustees who are in charge of the old VanMoof company.

Q: What about riders in Japan? 

A: Just like all of our markets, we’ll eventually build a VanMoof partner network in Japan. When that happens, these partners will be able to repair and sell bikes. We currently don’t have a timeline for this: keep an eye on this space to stay posted. 

Q:What about riders in the US?

A: Our US operations have remained operational and solvent, undergoing necessary restructuring without going out of business. Our commitment to supporting our US riders remains unwavering. There will soon be a US specific FAQ - keep an eye on this space.

Q: I purchased my bike at an auction, but I cannot register it in the VanMoof app. How can I get a validation code for my bike? 

A: Please visit this page and follow the instructions.

Q: What is happening with My VanMoof Rewards?

A: This program was tied to the ‘old’ VanMoof which was declared bankrupt. The VanMoof Rewards section will soon be removed from the app and the site. Unfortunately old credits can not be placed against new orders.