How can I make a repair appointment?

Repair appointments can be booked directly with VanMoof partners. You can find a list of our partners and their contact information below. 

What partners are available to riders now? 

We are currently developing an interactive map with partners, but for now we’ve supplied the following VanMoof partners with spare parts for certain repairs in the Netherlands and Germany:

The Netherlands:

CityVanMoof PartnerAddress
AlmereScooter en Motor Service
Jool-Hulstraat 3, 1327 HB
AmsterdamFietswousRijnstraat 5, 1078 PT
AmsterdamWheelGoodOudezijds Armsteeg 22, 1012 GP
De WielenWachtMobile Bike Servicing
GroningenTrendEwheelsSchuitendiep 2, 9711 RC
HaarlemDe Fietskamer
Kleine Houtweg 5, 2012 CA
Green BikesKruisweg 30, 2011 LC
LeidenEuro Tweewielers Breestraat 143, 2311 CM
MaastrichtZuydfietsAmbyerstraat-Noord 40A, 03-04, 6225 EE
VoorburgVan Buuren FietsenVan de Wateringelaan 206, 2274 CN
ZwolleStappenbelt.bikeBetje Wolffstraat 1a, 8023 BT


CityVanMoof PartnerAddress
BerlinVelorooChausseestraße 124, 10115
Bonn7 Bar
Herzogfreudenweg 3, 53125
DresdenZweirad Resewski
Otto-Mohr-Straße 4, 01237
Immermannstraße 34, 40210
HaarWe Like Bikes
Münchener Str. 23, 85540
HamburgWe Like Bikes
Barmbeker Str. 153, 22299
Asternstraße 2, 30167
Thalkirchner Str. 210, 81371
We Like Bikes
Atelierstr. 10, Werk 3, 81671
MünsterWe Like Bikes
An d. Germania Brauerei 7, 48159
Velbert2-Rad eMobilität
Albertstraße 5, 42555

This number will gradually increase, so keep an eye on our FAQ page for new locations.

What is the current status with the distribution of spare parts?

We’re working hard to distribute spare parts globally. An initial selection of VanMoof partners across the Netherlands and Germany are now able to perform certain repairs (depending on capacity and stock). We are progressively expanding this network to more locations across different markets. At the same time we are increasing the flow of parts progressively as we rebuild our supply chain and conduct additional control. 

You can book a repair appointment with a partner near you directly (see the participating partners above). We’ll update you in February when more partners are available.

Is my repair covered by my warranty? 

Unfortunately, as the warranty and 'Peace of Mind' services were put in place by the old VanMoof, they’re no longer valid due to the bankruptcy. To keep service our riders’ bikes in the most sustainable and efficient way, we’re moving to a new maintenance model that outsources servicing to an ever-expanding partner network of specialized shops and repair centers. 

We’ll deliver a constant supply of spare parts to this partner network, charging cost price plus an operating fee in an effort to keep all legacy parts as affordable as possible. Our partners will use the parts to carry out servicing and repairs on VanMoof bikes, and all repairs and servicing should now be booked directly with them. 

As part of the restart, we’re dedicating significant resources to redesigning and enhancing parts for the VanMoof S3 & X3, making them more robust and easier to fix. We’re also creating the tech infrastructure (apps, knowledge base, and a dedicated Support team, for example) so our partners can help our riders in the smoothest and most efficient way possible