Which devices are compatible with the S3 & X3?

The VanMoof S3 and X3 are compatible with the following mobile devices:

  • iPhone: iPhone 6 or higher (using iOS 14 or higher)

  • Android: Android 6 or higher

Device issues and how to fix them


Due to a recent system update (2021) of the VanMoof app, some riders have faced three different problems while using their iOS phone:

  • Unable to log out of the app and not being able to log back in

  • Not being able to update the app

  • A security message on the app that states: ‘This connection is not private’

If you’re one of the affected users please follow these steps*:

  1. Make sure you're using the latest VanMoof app (version 3.14.1 or higher). If you aren’t sure, simply go to the App Store and check if your app needs an update. 

  2. Check that your device is running on an iOS version that VanMoof supports (iOS 14 and above).

* This will solve the problem for all devices from iPhone 6s/6s Plus (2014) and up. Older iPhone devices don’t support iOS 14 and therefore don’t support the latest VanMoof app version.

What if I have an iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5, or earlier? 

Unfortunately, your phone no longer supports the current VanMoof app, as our app only supports iOS 14 and above.



We are aware of an issue in which S3 and X3 bikes cannot be discovered by certain Android devices. This means that connection in the Rider app is not possible, so the initial bike setup cannot be performed. Customers with these devices must use a different device for bike setup and connection.

The affected devices:


  • Galaxy A50

  • Galaxy A50S

  • Galaxy A51

  • Galaxy M20

  • Galaxy M21

  • Galaxy M30S

  • Galaxy M31

  • Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

  • Galaxy XCover Pro

  • Galaxy A7

  • Galaxy A8


  • One Action

  • One Vision