The video below will show you how to remove the rear wheel of your VanMoof S3, it can also be used for the VanMoof X3. You can find the step by step instruction below the video.


1. Prepare your tools

  • You will need the anti-theft nut wrench and nut tool from your VanMoof toolbox. You will also need a 2.5 and 4mm Allen key.

2. Prepare the bike

  • Before removing the rear wheel, make sure the Kick Lock is unlocked and the bike is turned off.
    Carefully place the bike upside down.

3.Remove the chain tensioner

  • Remove the bolt from the upper chain guard using a 2.5mm Allen key, then gently remove the upper chain guard. 
  • Using a 4mm Allen key loosen the two bolts from the chain tensioner until it pops up.

4.Disconnect the E-shifter

  • Remove the cap from the E-shifter cable then gently pull the cable out of the frame.
  • Carefully disconnect the E-shifter cable
  • Remove the bolt from the E-shifter bracket using a 4mm Allen key

5.Remove the back wheel

  • Remove the anti-theft wheel nuts and non-turn washers from both sides of the axle using the anti-theft nut wrench and nut tool.
  • Rotate the E-shifter away from the frame.
  • Lift the back wheel out of the rear fork and remove the chain from the sprocket then set the wheel aside.

It’s important not to squeeze the brakes while the wheel is removed

If you need more help, get in touch with our support team.