Error 41 may occur when you press and hold the turbo boost button for a long time, or when you press it too many times in a row. It can also occur if water gets into the button.

Please try these steps to fix it: 

Step 1: Firmware

Make sure your bike has the latest firmware installed – you can check this on your app settings screen. If there is a new version available, install it. 

Step 2: Reset

Reset your bike: Press and hold the power button on the underside of the top tube for two seconds until you see the reset symbol on the Matrix Display. Press either handlebar button to power the bike on. If the bike is locked, use one of the 3 ways to unlock your bike.

Step 3: System restart

If a reset doesn’t help, you can also try a system restart in the app: 
- Make sure you’re connected to the bike and go to the VanMoof app > Garage > Help > System restart. During the system restart, a boat horn will sound and a boat will appear in the Matrix display. 
- After the restart, you can wake up your bike with a reset. 

If the three steps above don't help, the button might be stuck. Try pressing and holding the Turbo Boost button while the bike is unlocked and standing still. You should see the power levels changing on the Matrix Display.

Does the error still persist after these steps? 
Then it's best if your bike gets checked out by our Bike Doctors. Please book a repair appointment at your preferred VanMoof service location in the VanMoof app, or in your My VanMoof account.