If you experience issues with battery or motor, there are a few quick steps which may solve the problem.

1. Check that your motor assistance level is not 0. You will only feel the motor power between levels 1-4.
2. Check if the motor cable is connected correctly. If you need help with this, click 
3. Try resetting your bike – how to reset the VanMoof S3 & X3.

4. Check if your bike has the latest firmware. This can be found  in the VanMoof app. If there’s a new update available, install it. After updating the bike, reset it again. 

5. Try a system restart. Make sure you’re connected to the bike and go to the app > Garage > Help > System Restart. Once the restart is complete, wake up your bike with a reset.

If these steps didn't help, it’s best if our Bike Doctors can check out your bike to fix the issue. You can book an appointment at your preferred service location in the VanMoof app, or in your 
My VanMoof account.