If you are unable to replace the front or rear wheel or accidentally squeezed the brakes while the wheel was removed, you will need to push the brake pads back into position. This video will show you how to push back the brake pads on the VanMoof S3 & X3. You’ll also find step by step instruction below the video.

1. Prepare your tools and bike

  • You will need a small and medium sized flat head screwdriver
  • Carefully place you bike upside down with the relevant wheel removed

2. Depending on the issue, follow the instructions for scenario 1 or scenario 2.

Scenario 1: The brake pads are closed

  • Using a medium sized screwdriver, gently push the brake pads back into position.

Scenario 2: The brake pads are rotated

  • Using a medium sized screwdriver, partially push back the brake pads. 
  • Then using a small screwdriver, rotate the pad so the tab is visible, then push the pad into position by hand.
  • Once in position, fully push the pads back using the medium sized screwdriver.

Turn the bike the right way up.

You should now be able to insert the front or rear wheel.

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