This video will show you how to replace the Kick Lock on the Vanmoof S3 & X3. It can also be used for the VanMoof S2 & X2. You’ll also find step by step instruction below the video.

1.Prepare your tools

  • You will need a pipe-wrench, a 2mm Allen key and anti theft torx key T-25 which (supplied with the new Kick Lock).
  • Carefully place the bike upside down with the rear wheel removed

2. Remove the Kick Lock

  • Hold the cap of the Kick Lock with a 2mm Allen key then lock the Kick Lock.
  • Hold the pin with a pipe wrench and unscrew the cap anticlockwise using a 2mm Allen key.
  • Remove the two bolts from the Kick Lock module using anti-theft torx key T-25.
  • Remove the Kick Lock module and gently pull the cable out of the frame, then unplug the connector.

3. Test the new Kick Lock

  • Insert the Kick Lock pin if it’s not already inserted and connect the new Kick Lock module.
  • Unlock your bike and wait for the timer, then push the Kick Lock out. Your bike should then unlock. Then re-lock the Kick Lock.

If your bike does not unlock, please contact customer support. 

4. Install the new Kick Lock

  • Reinsert the cable into the frame.
  • Insert the new Kick Lock module.
  • Reinsert the two bolts and lightly tighten using anti-theft torx key T-25.
  • Then firmly tighten using the pipe wrench and a 2mm Allen key.

For more help, please contact customer support.