We’ve recently identified a batch of bikes that have inconsistencies in their front fork stems. As this may impact the safety of your ride in the long term, we’re going to replace all bike’s front forks in this batch. We’ve since improved our manufacturing process, which means this issue doesn’t exist in more recent batches of bikes.

What is going on?

We’ve improved our manufacturing process, which means this issue doesn't exist in more recent batches of bikes. As an extra precaution we’re reaching out to our riders with a bike from the affected batch to alert them to this potential issue. We’re replacing the front fork of bikes from this affected batch. We’ve now contacted riders who are potentially affected by the issue via email. If you haven’t received an email from us, your bike is not affected. 

If your bike is affected, we recommend getting your front fork replaced as soon as possible. Riders with the issue felt the steering become ‘heavy’, pulled over, and noticed a damaged fork stem. No serious injuries have been sustained but your safety is our highest priority so we strongly urge you to schedule a front fork replacement as soon as possible. 

Affected bikes

This only affects a batch of VanMoof S3 bikes. All other bikes (including VanMoof S3s from other batches, VanMoof X3s, and earlier models) are unaffected by this issue. If your bike is affected, you will have received an email from us or will be able to see a notification message in your My VanMoof account. 

If we did not contact you, there’s no reason to be concerned – you can keep riding your bike as usual. If you didn’t receive this email but still want to double check, you can enter your S3’s frame number here. We’ll check its production batch to see if it is potentially affected.

The solution

If your bike is affected, we’ll replace the front fork to make sure you can keep riding your bike safely. We’re doing everything we can to make this as hassle-free as possible and we’re really sorry for any inconvenience caused. 


There are two options to replace your front fork:

  • You can book a repair appointment via My VanMoof at our Brand Stores or Service Hubs (our certified workshops can not replace front forks).
  • Or you can arrange a pick-up via My VanMoof. We’ll collect your bike and deliver it to your nearest VanMoof service location. 

While we replace your front fork, we’ll take this opportunity to give your bike an overall maintenance checkup. If your bike is running on an older version of the E-shifter, we’ll replace it with the newest model. Needless to say, this upgrade is on us and you won’t be charged. Unfortunately, it’s still not possible to upgrade your bike with our Apple Find My feature.

If you don’t live near a VanMoof Brand Store or Service Hub

We’ll need to ship your bike to the closest service location. Our dedicated team of Bike Doctors will replace your front fork, carry out a full check up, and make sure that your E-shifter and buttons are up to the latest standards.  

Organize your shipment through your My VanMoof

It’s not possible to fix this yourself. To ensure the safety of your bike, the front fork can only be replaced by our dedicated team of Bike doctors. 

If someone else is now riding your VanMoof S3

It would be a huge help if you could let us know if someone else is riding your bike, and – if possible – forward this email to the new rider.