Make sure to follow the steps below to make sure your PowerBank charges your main battery. It’s important to correctly connect your PowerBank.

Step 1

Make sure your bike is running on the right firmware (1.6.8 or higher) 

Step 2
Click the PowerBank into your Lock Dock.

Step 2

Plug the PowerBank charging cable into your bike.

Step 3

Turn the PowerBank on with a single press.

The PowerBank will start to charge your bike’s battery and your Matrix Display will show the PowerBank charging animation below. You can now turn your bike on and start riding – the PowerBank will keep charging. 

Take note:

  • Make sure you plug in the PowerBank to your bike first, and then press the PowerBank’s power button to turn it on. If the PowerBank is on whilst being plugged in, the bike will act as though an external charger is attached and, for safety reasons, your bike won’t turn on.
  • When your main battery is empty you won’t be able to use the motor assist with just the PowerBank. You can ride your bike with the PowerBank plugged in, but the motor will only kick in when the PowerBank has recharged the main battery to about 15%.