This video and instructions below will show you how to replace your inner tube. First follow the instructions for ‘how to remove your front wheel’ or ‘how to remove the rear wheel’.

What you’ll need:

  • Tire lever (from your local bike shop)

  • Air pump 

  • Tube (Check your manual to see what size inner tube you need)

STEP 1: Deflate the tube

  • Remove the valve cap and fully deflate the tube.


STEP 3: Remove the tire

  • Remove the valve ring 

  • Push the tire to the middle – this will give you more room to remove the tire.

  • Push the tire lever underneath the tire edge and push it towards the hub. When the tire is really tight you may want to use more tire levers.

  • If you need to, add another tire lever and pull it around the rim to ease the tire off.


STEP 4: Pull the tube out of the tire

  • Pull the tube out of the tire. 

  • Push the valve into the rim and gently pull the tube out of the tire.


STEP 5: Check the tire

  • Check the tire and rim for anything sharp. Run your finger over the middle on the inside of the tire and around the outside of the tire. Be careful to not cut your fingers on anything sharp that may have caused the flat tire.

  • Check if the rim tape is intact and centred on the rim.


STEP 6: Inserting a new tube

With the tube and anything sharp removed from the tube or rim, we can put the new tube in. The tire doesn't have to be removed from the rim.


  • Inflate the new tube just enough that it holds its shape.

  • Push the tire towards the valve hole, and insert the valve on to the new tube.

  • Pull the tire over the tube at the point where you pushed the valve into the rim.

  • Place the tube in the tire. 

If the tube appears to be too long, you’ve inflated it too much. In this case, just push the valve core to deflate the tube.


STEP 7: Push the tire on to the rim

  • Start at the bottom and push the tire to the middle of the rim. 

  • This will give you more room to push the last bit on. The end can be a bit fiddly. 


STEP 8: Inflate the tube

  • Check the manual to find out what the recommended tire pressure is for your tires.

  • Screw the ring and the cap back on to the valve.


Reattach the wheel by following one of these two videos: 'How to attach the front wheel' or ‘how to attach the rear wheel’.