The instructions below show you how to remove the play from the handlebar of your VanMoof S3 or X3. 

What you’ll need:

  • 5.0 mm Allen key (in your VanMoof toolbox)

  • Paperclip

STEP 1: Remove the bolts 

  • Undo and remove the two bolts holding the handlebar on the fork.


STEP 2: Remove the handlebar

  • Watch out: there are two wires going through the handle bar. Keep hold of the handlebar, otherwise you’ll damage the wires.


STEP 3: Tighten the fork

  • Use the longer side of your 5mm Allen Key to tighten the bolt on the top of the front fork. The bolt needs to be hand tight.

  • Hold the wheel between your legs and push and pull the fork stem. There should not be any wiggling.


STEP4: Attach the handlebar

  • Slide the handlebar almost all the way down, leaving a little gap. Don’t force it down as you’re likely to break the wires. Stop when you feel a little resistance. 


STEP 5: Pull the wires

Riders using one or no spacers will need to follow the next step IF you feel resistance when lowering the handlebar. If you’re using two spacers, you can skip this step. 


  • Remove the rubber plug on the button of the handlebar. 

  • Bend the paperclip to make a little hook. 

  • Gently pull out the wires until you see the connectors.


STEP 6: Reinstall the handlebar

  • Now the wires are out, you can push the handlebar down. 

  • Insert the two bolts, making sure they’re aligned with the notches on the internal stem.


STEP 7: Aligning the handlebar

  • Check if the wheel is aligned with the handlebar before fully tightening the bolts.


STEP 8: Check for wiggle

  • Secure the wheel between your legs and push and pull the handlebar. If it moves, repeat the steps and tighten a bit more.


STEP 9: Finish the bike

  • Push the connectors back into the handlebar. Feed in the access wire and pop the rubber cap back on.