The video and instructions below will show you how to replace the seat post clamp

What you’ll need:

  •  Safety torx 30 (from you VanMoof toolbox)


Parts you need (order via Customer Support or your local bike shop):

  • Seat post clamp complete set

  • Seat post clamp specifically modified for VanMoof X3 

  • Seat post clamp rubber cover


Step 1: Remove the saddle

  • Remove the rubber cover and loosen the bolt with safety torx 30. 

  • Slide the seat post out of the frame and remove the bolt. 


Step 2: Remove the seat post clamp

  • Undo the bolt far enough and wiggle it a few times while pushing the middle wedge with your finger and sliding it out.

For a VanMoof X3, you might need to use something long to help it come out. 

  • Remove the bolt together with the first and the middle wedge.


Step 3: Insert the new seat post clamp

  • Put the bolt on the safety torx to guide it in the last part

  • Check to make sure it’s in the right position. 


Step 4: Adjust seat position

  • If you want to adjust the position of the seat, remove one bolt and loosen the other using the safety torx on the bottom of the seat. 

  • You can choose 1 of 3 positions by sliding the seat post. 

  • Choose your preferred riding position and insert and tighten the bolts.


Step 5: Insert the saddle

  • Slide the seat post back on your bike and adjust up or down to your preferred height. We recommend hip height.

  • Tighten the bolt. 

  • Pop the rubber cover back in place.