Firmware makes sure your VanMoof bike functions as it is intended to. It’s basically a small piece of software that controls your bike’s electronics, and tells it how to function. Whenever there's a new feature or a bug fix, your bike's firmware needs to be updated in order to be able to perform these improvements. VanMoof routinely pushes the latest firmware to all our rides to ensure a stable and comfortable riding experience for our community.

Firmware version

You can check the version of your bike’s firmware by going to your bike settings in the VanMoof app. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see which firmware version is installed on your bike – if there’s a new version available, it will give you the option to update it there.

Firmware update

We’ll notify you in the VanMoof app whenever there is a new firmware update available. Our firmware updates are pushed out in batches to achieve a smooth installation for all our riders. This can mean that another rider sees the update in the app before you’ve received a notification. If you don’t see the update in your app yet, please wait until we notify you.


To install the new firmware, go to the Settings tab in the VanMoof app and follow the instructions. 

  • Make sure you're using the latest version of the VanMoof app.

  • Make sure your phone stays connected to the bike via Bluetooth during the update process. The firmware won’t be updated if connection is lost. 

  • Don’t plug in the charger while your bike’s firmware is being updated