Our handlebars come pre-set to a height that should be comfortable for most riders. The video below will show you how to correctly assemble or adjust the height of the SX3 handlebar to suit your preference. You’ll also find step by step instructions below the video. 

What you’ll need

From your VanMoof Toolbox you’ll need the following:

  • Allen key #5 

  • Handlebar spacers (If you are increasing the height of your handlebars)

Check your handlebar

  1. Houd het voorwiel tussen je knieën en probeer het stuur te draaien. If you can feel any movement, use Allen key #5 to tighten the bolts on the side of the handlebar. 

  2. Controleer de positie van de bouten – de bovenkant moet van links komen, en de onderkant van rechts.

Adjusting the handlebar height 

Handlebar height is a matter of personal preference. In general, lower bars give a more sporty, aggressive feel, while higher bars encourage a more upright, comfort-oriented riding position. 

To adjust yours:

  1. Loosen the bolts on the side of the handlebar using Allen key #5.

  2.  Lift it up to the top of the internal stem, then tighten one of the bolts to keep it in position. Be careful to not detach the handlebar completely as this may damage the internal wiring.

  3. Place together one or two spacers to raise the handlebar to your preferred height. Then slide them into position.

  4. Loosen the bolt and gently slide the handlebar back down. Make sure you check the height for comfort.

  5. Finally, tighten the two bolts using Allen key #5, making sure the stem stays in line with the front wheel and the handlebar is aligned with the notches on the internal stem. Do not over-tighten the bolts, just turn until they are secure.


Make sure the handlebars are aligned with the shim. If you cannot insert the bolts completely this means it is not aligned. When inserting the bolts they need to remain on the side they were taken out from:

Left bolt = top hole

Right bolt = bottom hole.